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I’m baaack!

By Sheryl Jedlinski

The year 2022 did not get off to a good start for me, though it could have been much worse. After experiencing several instances of shortness of breath, a chest X-ray confirmed that there was fluid around my right lung. It took a week to get an appointment to have the fluid drained, and that was too long.

Just as I walked up to the emergency room door with my husband, Tony, I collapsed on the ground behind my walker. He called for help and I was immediately surrounded by medical staff pumping my chest and trying to restart my heart. At this point, I was technically dead — no heartbeat, just a flatline EKG image. Ten minutes of CPR brought me back to life. Due to a lack of oxygen, I had had a cardiac arrest and remained on a ventilator in the ER for three days until I was strong enough to breathe on my own. Had I been any further from the entrance to the emergency room when I passed out, this story would likely not have the happy ending it did. All in all, I spent a total of eight days in the hospital with no visitors allowed due to COVID restrictions. 

 From there, the plan was to spend some time in a rehab center so that I could build up my strength and learn to use my walker again. The rehab center was a lonely place, and I wasn’t comfortable there. Gathering all my strength, I insisted Tony take me where I knew I could recover better than anywhere else — our home. On the way, we drove through a popular ice cream place for a chocolate malt – my favorite medicine. As it turns out, the hospital is happy to send rehab people to my house to help me get moving. Now with a little help getting up from the chair, I’m using my walker again!

One comment on “I’m baaack!

  1. parkinsonscare
    February 8, 2022

    Praying for your speedy recovery and for your husband, your caregiver!

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