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The big “O”

Yesterday was big “O” day… the day I took my pre-surgery trial dose of the powerful pain reliever Oxycontin. I’ve been worrying about this day for weeks, fearing the powerful narcotic might negatively interact with the drugs I take to control my Parkinson’s disease symptoms. If this were to be the case, advance knowledge gives the surgeon time to alter his treatment plan as necessary.

The next day, as instructed, I called the nurse to report my experience with the Oxycontin. The worst I could say is that I fell asleep minutes into watching a streaming movie, quite typical for me actually. The only unusual thing to report was actually a positive… I slept through the whole night, and didn’t even get up once to use the bathroom. The next morning I felt great… well rested and no medicine “hangover.” Considering Oxycontin has a longer than usual laundry list of scary potential side effects, I couldn’t complain.

Most people who have taken Oxycontin at one time or another speak glowingly of it and the “high” it gave them. I’m just worried about becoming addicted to this powerful pain medicine, which happens even when taken as prescribed over a longer period of time. Seeing as how the goal is for me to be weaned off of Oxycontin 5 – 7 days post-surgery, I should be fine, and yet I worry. A psychiatrist once told me that those who worry most about becoming addicted to a particular medicine never do because their anxiety keeps them from taking even the prescribed dose.

One comment on “The big “O”

  1. Jenny
    August 9, 2012

    That is such good news and a welcome relief to you both mentally and physically to be minus the pain for a while! Thinking of you! Jen

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