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Making the Impossible Possible

It has been six weeks since I had my left knee totally replaced, and today I get a bionic knee for my right leg. The only thing I am doing differently this time around is forgoing the strong OxyContin pain medicine that had me acting out violent nightmares, while my unsuspecting husband lay sleeping beside me, directly in the line of fire.

I imagine that people who become addicted to OxyContin have more pleasant “trips” than I did. Rather than risk a repeat performance, however, I’ve opted to try more frequent dosing of a less potent “breakthrough” pain medicine. If it proves not to be enough, I’ll be biting on a cold, wet rag for several days.

With my surgery only a few hours off, I realize I have very little recollection of what transpired the last time around. It’s probably best that way because keeping my remaining “birth knee” is no longer a viable option. Six weeks ago, I fantasized about selling it online just for parts. Now, I’m not certain it would go for seasoned kindling.

I cannot help but think what amazing times we live in. Replacing worn out limbs and internal organs has become so routine that almost everyone knows someone who has successfully undergone such a procedure. Doctors and scientists have made the once impossible possible, fueling my hope that we will see a cure for Parkinson’s in our lifetimes.

One comment on “Making the Impossible Possible

  1. Sherilyn
    September 26, 2012

    Thinking of you today, Sheryl, and wishing you another great recovery! You are a trooper!

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