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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…

I recently had my final post surgical exam and was cleared to resume normal activities, which for me means shopping, shopping, and more shopping. I wasted no time putting my bionic knees through their paces, heading straight to Bloomingdale’s, which happened to be having its “Friends and Family Sale.” From there, my husband and I ventured over to the Nordstrom’s building, and “cruised” around all seven levels. Granted, I was not sprinting, but that was never my style. For me, shopping is a marathon, not a dash, putting the emphasis on “going the distance” and not on speed.

Remarkably, my new knees are almost pain free now, a feeling I hardly remember. Unfortunately, I didn’t have long to savor the moment before I had to stave off the return of my sciatica and lower back pain, as well as the postural issues caused by spinal stenosis and Parkinson’s. Obviously my arthritic knees had not acted alone in making walking painful for me. They were part of a conspiracy of body parts and systems.

I should know by now that this is the nature of Parkinson’s disease: one step forward, two steps back. Still, I could not help but feel sorry for myself. After a short pity party, I channeled my feelings of weakness into anger, which emboldened me. I did not go through two surgeries and months of rehab only to trade one set of problems for another. I refuse to give up the good fight with victory now in sight.

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This entry was posted on November 19, 2012 by in Physical Therapy.

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