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PD took back seat to terrorism

Runners 03Despite it being Parkinson’s Awareness month, PD took a back seat to terrorism yesterday. I was listening to CNN when the news broke. Two explosions of unknown origin had occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Just as commercial airplanes don’t accidently fly into skyscrapers, garbage cans don’t blow themselves up.

I knew right away that we were again dealing with terrorists, be they homegrown or foreign.

I have feared this kind of attack ever since 9 -11. I breathe a sigh of relief every time we make it through a World Series or a large Fourth of July or New Year’s celebration without incident. Yesterday, we were not so lucky.

I fear that this is our new reality, that we will always be looking over our shoulders for suspicious people or packages. It is as if Pandora opened the forbidden box, releasing the worst human qualities, and there is no putting them back.

At first blush, the terrorists appear to have achieved their goals — causing mass injuries and deaths, drawing world attention, and striking fear in the hearts of innocent civilians going about their daily activities. Overshadowing this, however, Boston’s first responders showed the courage terrorists lack, rushing in where others were rushing out. And runners and their friends and family members showed their goodness and generosity by racing to nearby hospitals to donate blood without being asked.

In a world divided into builders and destroyers, we will see to it that the destroyers do not win.

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This entry was posted on April 16, 2013 by in Back to Normal.

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