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There’s new business like shoe business…

For more than a decade I’ve watched with envy as my healthy friends slipped on colorful, trendy shoes with every height and style heels, while I’ve worn the same basically unchanged black walking shoes day in and day out. I’d given up hope of ever wearing stylish shoes again, as these aren’t the stuff extra depth orthopedic footwear is made of. Let’s face it, shoes that accommodate orthotics with a built in lift, like mine, need to be sturdy, like a truck, not pretty.

So, why am I not happier to report that the long hunt for the orthopedic shoes of my dreams is over? Shouldn’t I be ecstatic that I hit the jackpot, that I found comfortable, attractive, and supportive shoes made by Drew? Ironically, the style is Tulip, the name of the flower that is the symbol for Parkinson’s. Okay, my tulip shoe is not red, but its black patent leather crocodile finish is more than a step up the “stylish ladder” from pebbly textured shoes with tiny air holes all over them.

For years, the hunt for these shoes has given me a purpose when shopping. Now I have nothing to shop for. I may just sit at my computer and admire my shoes for awhile before I actually wear them out of the house and destroy their pristine state. After all, I need to keep them looking good for a black tie wedding at the Hotel Pierre in NYC this summer.

3 comments on “There’s new business like shoe business…

  1. Jenny
    July 9, 2013

    I share you pain. Only my issue is my height! As long as your man doesn’t have a foot fetish you are good to go girl!

  2. mydancingintherain
    July 9, 2013

    So true. None of us get to be our age without issues. Humor is a great equalizer.

  3. Claudia Revilla
    August 15, 2013

    You do not have to hunt for pretty and comfortable shoes anymore my ladies and PD colleagues!! The answer is this: WE have to design them and create what we like, need and fit – it will be a hit because we are not the only ones longing for our cinderella shoe, comfy and good looking. And then donate the a percentage of the proceed for the cure of PD – that way we will be millionaires and cured!!!

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