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Let me answer your PD questions at Partners in Parkinson’s Chicago event

questioningIf you or someone you know has burning questions or concerns about anything Parkinson’s related, allow me or my fellow panelists (a clinician and a researcher) to provide the answers on Saturday, November 1. This moderated break out discussion, I’m Still Wondering About…  is part of a full-day, educational initiative sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) and pharmaceutical company AbbVie.

Other afternoon sessions include Living with Parkinson’s: A Holistic Approach, led by the Davis Phinney Foundation; and Building Connections with Family, Friends. The morning line-up focuses on:

  • The Many Faces of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist: What to Know, Ask and Expect
  • Parkinson’s Research: The Road Ahead

Co-founder of, publisher of, and an inspirational speaker, mine is the voice of every patient, sharing personal experiences, speaking from the heart, and using humor to make the unfunny funny. In addition to connecting with me, you will also have the opportunity to meet and talk with local medical and allied healthcare providers, exercise and activity groups, and advocacy and support groups, participating in a resource fair, staffed and open throughout the day.

Advance registration ensures free admission and parking, as well as complementary breakfast and lunch. Please search me out as I look forward to reuniting with old friends and making new ones.

To register on line

For more detailed info about the day, visit

Date:     Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time:     8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Place:    Donald Stephen’s Convention Center 9291 Bryn Mawr Ave., Rosemont, IL 60182



One comment on “Let me answer your PD questions at Partners in Parkinson’s Chicago event

  1. 100wickedwords
    October 22, 2014

    Audience members are guaranteed to learn a lot from you! G.

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