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Big Day


Today is the “big day” I have been anxiously awaiting with a mixture of confidence and trepidation. It will begin with me having a new CT scan, which will be compared with my pre-surgery and pre-chemotherapy scans. The results will help determine how effectively these treatments reduced my cancer and where things will go from here. No matter how good the report, there is always the worry that the cancer will never go away completely or that it will rear its ugly head years from now when least expected.

I can say the same for my Parkinson’s disease, which is also progressive and incurable, though not fatal. Unfortunately, the chemo drugs that attack and destroy cancer tend to exacerbate PD symptoms as well. In my case, they also brought on new ones, like peripheral neuropathy, which has made walking, balance, and falling major concerns for me. It was not that long ago that I would take my friend Jo-Ann shopping, warning her that she not fall on my watch. Now others are saying the same to me. A close friend went one step further, instinctively throwing his body behind mine in an effort to keep me from falling backwards. We both ended up sprawled out on the ground, but none the worse for it, thanks to his having broken, if not stopped my fall.

4 comments on “Big Day

  1. Betty Lou Byrnes
    May 16, 2016

    Good luck, hopeing for the best!

  2. Louis Guagenti
    May 16, 2016

    I will take a fall and shield you from peril any time, anywhere, anyplace….

    • mydancingintherain
      May 16, 2016

      I appreciate your sentiment, Lou, and value your friendship more than I can tell you. Should anyone come after you with forked tongue, you know my computer and I will be by your side to expose their lies.

  3. Larry Williams
    May 16, 2016

    Just walked in the door. I thought you were meeting with the surgeon today to get the scan report…am waiting to hear the results…..

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