Living Well with Parkinsons Disease

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While we’re working for the cure…

Hearing Michael J. Fox tell Sunday Morning anchor Jane Pauley that he does not expect to see a cure for Parkinson’s disease in his lifetime, was not what I wanted to hear. It is not that I had not reached this same conclusion long ago; it is just that I was not prepared to hear it from Mike, whose name is synonymous with Parkinson’s disease research and hope for a cure.

Mike’s honest admission in no way diminishes his efforts nor those of countless others who have devoted decades to raising billions of dollars for research exploring uncharted avenues. Their pursuits have resulted in new medicines, surgical procedures, and therapies that have greatly improved quality of life for those of us living with this progressive disease. One day, they will also turn up a cure for Parkinson’s, just not as soon as we would like.

In the meantime, research has empowered us to take matters into our own hands, using exercise of all kinds to slow Parkinson’s disease progression, something no drug has proven to do. So, don’t sit at home waiting for a drone to deliver your miracle cure. Make a positive difference in your life with PD today. Get up off your couch and get moving.

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This entry was posted on October 30, 2017 by in Exercise, Jane Pauley, Michael J Fox, Parkinson's Awareness, Personal Training.

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