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Staying connected while out of the country

flagEver since we crossed the Ambassador Bridge and left the giant US flag behind, I have been obsessed with not exceeding my international calling and data plan limits. This is not a compulsive behavior caused by the dopamine agonist I take. Rather it stems from being born with a phone in my ear, just as some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Initially, my husband asked if I could get by with an additional 30 minutes of calls during our week’s stay in Montreal, Canada, for the 2013 World Parkinson Congress (WPC). This is the break even point for the cheapest additional minutes plan. Did he realize he was asking me to cut my normal usage by 75 percent? Surely he was not serious.

We compromised and bought $90 of additional units. Had we not, my first day’s usage would have cost more than $600. I would be selling my new I-phone on the black market to pay for my calls.

Not knowing what might occur to propel my usage higher, despite my good intentions,Tony dug a little deeper and found a Wi Fi app that allows me to use our home land line number to make free calls from our hotel room. Voila! I am now back in the land of unlimited local and long distance calling. Bring on your calls mes ami.

One comment on “Staying connected while out of the country

  1. 100wickedwords
    October 1, 2013

    I’m thrilled to be getting your posts as the news breaks! You know you can call me anytime collect if the need arises, right? Bon chance with your presentation, Cherie.

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